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Increasing venture capital-based Investmarket® investments in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic has destabilized global markets in an unprecedented way. However, the crisis has encouraged rapid adaptations “on the fly” in all areas of life.
This has led and continues to lead to the development of innovative working models, due to the need to overcome “blockages” around the world.
The benefits of digital technologies, in particular, have led to an astonishing increase in innovation in the health and education industries due to increased demand in these sectors.
Venture capital has and will undoubtedly play an increasingly important role in financing innovation and short-term change to promote these industries and many more in the near future, face to face with stagnation and contraction by over 80%, in in the face of the pandemic, of the bank financing system.
Risky investments have become in the last 6 months the most popular form of financing private capital.
Early-stage start-ups and blockchain start-ups have demonstrated either a rapid and unprecedented rate of growth or high growth potential, as they have responded to a pressing need over time. pandemic and presented an attractive investment opportunity for venture capital investors.
The speculative nature of such a business brings with it a degree of risk, due to the nature of this form of investment, however, this risk is currently balanced by the prospect of a high return on investment.
In return for their financial contribution, venture capitalists typically purchase large or controlling stakes in portfolio companies, as well as the right to be represented on the board of directors and to support and control the potential for high returns.
Between January and May 2020, the total value of global biotechnology and health transactions financed by risk investors was 276% higher than in the first quarter of 2019, to reach $ 48.2 billion – a 25% increase in the absolute value traded compared to the fourth quarter of 2019 and the highest quarterly record in the last 30 years.
Some analysts predict that the crisis may stimulate long-term growth opportunities and lead to 90% in absolute terms of risky investment in innovative and technological sectors.
The industries have contracted but at the same time or accelerated by offering exactly the working model for which the risk funds exist.
We anticipate that the appetite for venture capital funds will continue unabated for the foreseeable future, as innovation in technology-based enterprises, especially in the health, biotechnology and education technology sectors, makes them increasingly attractive to investors.
Investmarket® provides support and funding for an impressive number of high-performance entrepreneurs and has significant experience in guiding them from the first application to the joy of success.

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  10. If you do not have a large number of potential donors available at your request.

    We wish you success and do not forget to protect your intellectual or industrial property.