Happen Tools

Happen Tools
by adminInvest

What do you do if you have business ideas
and you do not have money,
how do you work with Venture Capital ?

  • InvestMarket gives you the tools to communicate your idea to potential financiers.
  • It also gives you an impressive list of Venture Capital and Business Angels.
  • Download the package of your interest, fill in the questionnaire and suggested documents, and protect your intellectual property.
  • Send to each Venture Capital the email addresses you received your funding request.
  • We are together with those who act !
  • We sell through our experience and knowledge your own chance to get funds for your business !
  • Whether you are a Start Up or a corporation in financial difficulty !
  • InvestMarket is here to help you !
  • If you are not familiar with risk investing, we suggest you visit the Risk Investment Guide.
  • We offer you the ultimate contact list for the most important Venture Capital worldwide.
  • These are organized according to industry and markets. Each product in the fields below contains a business plan template for the Office Excel (2016 or 365) and for narative Office Word (2016 or 365).
  • Work with Open Office !
  • Once you have completed both the financial and the narrative part, you can send them by email to the addresses you received.
  • The purchased data package includes the web address, and the emails  of the Venture Capital or Business Angels companies present in the InvestMarket Network.
  • For each Venture Capital in the list you purchase, you can see the previous activity and the company portfolio.
  • This information does not violate GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) legislation.Thank you for your interest and I wish you success.

The short answer is...

Go knock on their door.

There are several ways to do this...

But going to their website is the best starting point if you don’t have contacts that can introduce you.

Most VCs have websites...

But don’t just approach everyone you find.

Do your homework...

Find VCs that focus on the kind of business you want to build.

VCs get hit on more than a pretty girl...

Everybody wants money, so they filter aggressively.

You will get one short chance...

To get their attention, so you need to have a clear,concise and SHORT pitch ready, and you need to be ready for hard questions.

Put yourself in their shoes...

What would make you invest money you worked hard for?

It isn't hard to find VCs...

But it is hard to get their attention.

You must convince them of three basic things...

Your idea is something the market wants.

You can make money with it.

You have the ability and commitment to make it successful.

So no matter how hard they are on you...

Don’t let it dampen your enthusiasm.

A final piece of advice...

If you haven’t done this before, don’t start with your best prospects, start with your worst so you can learn on them.

And always remember, you can get a thousand no’s, you only need one yes.