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Frequently asked Questions

Our consultants have hands-on experience starting, funding, and growing businesses, so we understand exactly what you need.

What kind of financing tips do you give ?

The chance to have a successful business is not just about the money you can get from an investor. His experience and advice are 1000 times more valuable than money!

Do you offer individually tailored plans ?

Our services and products can be suited for any kind of initiative, whether it’s a brilliant idea, a company looking for development capital or a company that is already established in the market. The Business Plan model meets the most demanding banking standards or the existing ones in Europe as Structural or Cohesion Funds!

How much time do I need to spend for developing a Business Plan ?

We would say that this is a very serious one and requires time for analysis and editing. That is why we made the introduction of data in the form of answers to questionnaire questions. The way of responding will be in the right direction and the data entered in the financial part will automatically be transferred into extremely complex calculation formulas and in summary in the special chapters in the narrative part. All you have to do is to make realistic answers to very detailed and concrete questions.

What makes your products and services so special ?

Experience and determination to have a database of the most important companies in the online update. The fact that through these communication tools, such as the Business Plan and the Marketing Plan, we succeed in communicating essentials about our business and persuading to the full involvement of elite professionals, if we were to hire them in our board of directors, we would not have the slightest chance. Then it would not be right to forget that these investors take 100% the risk of our business. They have the patience and do not ask us for the month to return the loan just like a bank. Expect and actually help our business to succeed. Only then will they want their financial contribution and the agreed profit share. The fact that they will be joining in the hard times of any company is both a support and an unhelpful help.

What industries do you specialize in ?

We are talking about a Venture Capital and Business Angels network of several thousand entities, and we expect that there is no field of activity that is not covered. It should be understood, however, that they want the first areas of activity to be in the current trends such as those in sensitive areas such as Energy, Biotechnology, Health, Climate Change, Communications, IT, Social Media and others.