What we do

What we do
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What we offer

Our portfolio of alternative investment solutions offers a complete range of global strategies for Venture Capital and Business Angels. We help entrepreneurs build sustainable businesses by providing a diverse range of funding solutions based on sound documentation and research, industry and the market, implementing business strategies, and continuously managing the alternative investment portfolio at every stage of the funded development.

We offer personalized services for each contractor and for each company through low-cost financial instruments for alternate factors, single strategy solutions, managed accounts, and of course funds with associative funds capitalization. These solutions can be focused on risk mitigation approaches and protecting portfolios in times of extreme stress on the market.

Key Features of InvestMarket’s Philosophy:

We help companies become profitable!


Our offers have adapted to meet the evolving needs of our customers, for example in terms of regulation and liquidity!

The experience

The market, the reputation and the diversified networks we have created support the most advantageous ways our entrepreneurs!

In-depth research

Our strategy specialists combine top-down market analysis with “due diligence manager bottom-up”!

Predictive attitude

Portfolios are built using a rigorous business plan that avoids any misinterpretation of the premises, milestones, estimated profit, market positioning!

Risk awareness

Continuous risk monitoring and analysis is the key to continuous portfolio management!

Environment, social and governance

Our investment portfolio packages incorporate a multitude of economic, social, cultural factors so that we can better understand the risks and opportunities of a potential investment!

Specialized manager

We finance those businesses where we identify a high level of professional competence at management level. We add our specialized contribution resulting from the entire global network we manage!

Broad Perspectives

We use the expertise of large teams of researchers and specialists involved in alternative investments. Shared perspectives in information exchanges between research groups!

Operation with due diligence

We maintain high standards in our due diligence procedures. If legal structure, association and business management are not acceptable: NO INVEST!

Construction of the ideal portfolio

Customized portfolio solutions tailored to the specific customer objectives. The risk is continually evaluated in an intermodal system!

Liquid alternatives

We manage a multitude of funds for day-to-day operational management-based expenses. Assets are managed by specialized investment management specialists under the control of InvestMarket. These products allow entrepreneurs access to strategies to meet the financial need that may not be available in the regulated banking market!

Diversity of financial products at "producer" costs

A transparent, robust and cost-effective approach to accessing alternative funding sources!

Mixed funds

Premium, combinatorial products with a number of strategies that reduce risk factors!

Custom portfolios

It is designed and managed for our customers to build their own strategy, minimize risk and maximize return on investment!

Multi-stage account management solutions

We also design and build customer portfolios at any company status level from case studies and pre-seed to StartUp, Early Stage, Expansion, Management Buyout, Restructuring, Series A, Series B, Consolidation, Later Stage, Leveraged Buyout, Recapitalization and Mezzanine.

Consulting services

We offer personalized advice and guidance to business managers no matter how big or sophisticated their business!

About InvestMarket

The Global International Review (GIR) lists InvestMarket Network as one of the top 30 consultancies in the world and has done so every year since 2004.
We provide independent advice based on established research methods, and our experts have in-depth sector knowledge.
We blend deep understanding of disruptive forces with industry experience to generate new ideas and products, new business models, and new relationships.
In our industry a quick response time plus an attention to detail are of crucial importance. Through their world-class professionalism and expertise InversMarket consistently excelled and added huge value to my operations. The business world involves risks and if you do not anticipate them in the future, you risk having good cards but your competitors will win the bluff. That’s why you need to get involved with the intelligence that the entire InvestMarket network offers you. It’s like a cube-based cube based on hundreds of successful experiences. Play at the table with everything you have without ever tossing good cards. Fear is good but only when you are not ready!

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