About Us

About Us
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Our Investing Approach

We Don’t Think Like Traditional VCs…
We are an investment network made up of over 10,000 Venture Capital and Business Angels named InvestMarket.
Multi-stage, multi-sector
We invest across most high growth sectors of today’s economy and have developed deep expertise and relationships in Advertising & Marketing, Aerospace, Agriculture, Biotechnology, Business Products, Business Services, Cellular (applications, devices and infrastructure), Cleantech, Communication & Computer Networks, Computer Hardware, Computer Services, Construction & Infrastructure, Consumer Products, Consumer Services, Defense, Military & Homeland Security, Distribution, Diversified, Education, Electronics, Energy & Natural Resources, Enthusiast, Craft & Hobby Products, Environment , Financial Services, Food & Ingredients, Food and Beverage (Including: Restaurant, Coffee, Bakery, Bar, Buffer, Deli, Fast Food & Ice cream), Government Services, Healthcare, Industrial Products, Industrial Services, Insurance, Internet, IT Services, Leisure Products and Services, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment (Including Television, Radio, Newspapers, Internet & Film Production), Medical Devices, Medical Services, Mining, Pet & Animal Products/Services, Pharmaceuticals, Real Estate, Retail and wholesale, Semiconductors, Software, Technology, Telecommunication, Tourism & Hotels, Transportation, Video and Software Games.
Since 1981, our network members has been investing in innovators that redefine the status quo. InvestMarket investment philosophy does not fit a conventional model, much like the visionary innovators we back. We believe that formulaic approaches to investing lead to risk averse strategies that stifle innovation and differentiation. We actively avoid restrictive boundaries around ideas, growth opportunities and entrepreneur profiles. To find extraordinary opportunities, we are not bound by a particular stage of investment and do not shy away from contrarian ideas.
We believe that great companies take root in unconventional places and that successful entrepreneurs frequently break the mold. The ideas we back come from a variety of sources: an MBA student who is trying to change new media advertising practices; an experienced entrepreneur seeking to commercialize a disruptive biofuels technology; or an executive looking to spin out and develop an abandoned asset developed by a pharmaceutical company.
We are seasoned investors who have backed more than 130.000 companies through multiple cycles. Identifying interesting opportunities and providing capital is just the beginning. We offer deep-sector expertise in today’s high-growth markets, but we do not let any one area of knowledge guide our overall investment strategy.
Ultimately, we look for entrepreneurs who we can help make very big waves, not just stir the waters and move on to the next venture.

Guaranteed Expertise

Best Advice to Small Business Owners

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You Have a Great Idea and Nobody Cares

Hard facts. Clear solutions.

We have a strong client focus and we provide more than simply a report or analysis. We strive to give expert advice and support based on our economic expertise, as well as communicate facts to our customers. We provide independent advice based on established research methods, and our experts have in-depth sector knowledge.

“InvestMarket is a dedicated partner and ally you want alongside when building a business – not only does their long history in venture capital enable them to ask the right real world questions, they also proactively make invaluable connections to other portfolio companies enabling your company to quickly benefit from the experience of other’s success and learning and therefore avoid potential pitfalls.”

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Our portfolio of alternative investment solutions offers a complete range of global strategies for Venture Capital and Business Angels. We help entrepreneurs build sustainable businesses by providing a diverse range of funding solutions based on sound documentation and research, industry and the market, implementing business strategies, and continuously managing the alternative investment portfolio at every stage of the funded development.